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  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Leak Locator
  • Full Service Plumbing
    Hydro Flow's top 10 reasons to go Tankless:

10.  Hydro Flow Inc. will haul off your old water heater.
9.   Think green: 50% more energy-efficient, low emissions.
8.    Water is heated, only when it is demanded!
7.   Compact design of tankless water heaters saves space.
6.   Tankless water heaters typically have 2 times the warranty     
conventional tanked water heaters.
5.    Digital temperature control allows precise adjustments.
4.    Run all your hot water appliances, and showers at the same

3.    Some gas companies offer rebates, up to $150!
2.    Professional installation by licensed plumber and   
service from a factory trained technician.
                     And the Number 1 reason to go Tankless:
1.    NEVER run out of HOT water again!!!!
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